Lucy Catherine LaValley, 73, died Nov. 30

We are all gathered here today to send our love off with Lucy Catherine LaValley, age 73, who passed away peacefully Nov. 30, 2020, due to chronic COPD emphysema and her heart decided it was just time to meet God.

She was born Dec. 21, 1946, in Granite City, Illinois, to Vincent and Dorothy Marsala.

She was not only a beloved wife to Tom H LaValley for 31 years but also an admirable mother of four children, her first being a son, Dennis Ray a.k.a. little brown jug and wife Tricia Martin, her next child was her first daughter and a.k.a. Kimberly-caramel and her husband Shawn Allen, then Jan. 9, 1973, her third child came, another daughter a.k.a. Michele also fuzz Buster ha ha, and her husband Terry Owen, and last but not least her second son a.k.a. boots Stephen and his wife Rhonda Maykopet. Our mother’s husband also had a son and a daughter, Tommy and Sulyne LaValley - be glad you all didn’t have the Lucy a.k.a.‘s ha ha. She was a blessing and felt blessed and very proud of all her grandchildren: Brooke and Heather Golden live in Illinois, Tawni, Tori and Dillon Martin also live in Illinois and Brandan, Dominic, Kayley Maykopet, also Illinois and another a.k.a. Angel Dash Tierra Owen, the only grandchild who’s an Okie Boomer Sooner, just like her grandma, which she calls a.k.a. AMAH!

She was the most amazing, loving, forgiving, God-fearing woman. She had wittiness but also gullible at times. I can think on several occasions throughout life one of us kids undoubtedly was giving her a hard time and we would all be laughing including her only to realize the laugh was on her ha ha, which only made her laugh all the more. She was lighthearted but if she got upset my Lord literally could hear her up in heaven before ever actually getting her on the bitter Sweet Monday of November 30. We will all miss her immensely, however we are grateful that our heavenly father does in fact have her safe sound and pain-free. I could hear the conversation now:

GOD, Lucy do you realize you’re now here in your heavenly eternal home?

LUCY, God it pains me to admit it because I left so many loved ones behind but yes apparently I have passed away I knew it would happen one day. I just never thought about it happening, much less experiencing it quite this soon ha ha. Once again I didn’t get things my way, that’s been the story of my life, all of my life, however I am here now and don’t you dare even think about sending me back, you’re stuck with me now. Today I am happy and I am dancing so to all my loved ones please don’t cry because I’m gone instead be happy that I am here. Well maybe you can cry a little bit, after all I have passed away ha ha!

Biblically the name Lucy or Lucille means bringer of light and that she absolutely without a doubt did to each and every one of us that was in her life. We love and miss you but we will see you again soon.

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m., Friday, Dec. 4, in the chapel of Walker Funeral Service with Phil Thompson officiating. Burial will follow in Fairview Cemetery under the direction of Walker Funeral Service.

Posted online on December 02, 2020