Four Seminole State College baseball players were recently honored as NJCAA All-American athletes and five players were selected during the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft.

Cameron Warren of Midwest City and Abraham Toro of Greenfield Park, Canada were selected for the All-American First Team and Louis Pelletier of Montreal, Canada and Xavier Freeman of New Lima, OK received All-American Honorable Mentions.

Along with All-American honors, Toro was also chosen during the 5th round of this year’s MLB draft by the Houston Astros. Also selected was Dillon Drabble of Texarkana, Ark. during the 17th round by the Kansas City Royals, Louis Pelletier of Montreal, Quebec in the 20th round by the Houston Astros and Ian Hardman of San Diego, Calif. in the 36th round by the Houston Astros. Cade Cabbiness of Bixby, who had signed to play at SSC during the 2016-2017 season, was selected during the 20th round of the draft by the St. Louis Cardinals.

A number of Trojan sophomore players signed to NCAA Division I and Division II colleges this year, including: Drabble – Texas A&M University; Warren – Texas Tech University; Freeman – College of Charleston; Julio Gonzales of Bayaman, Puerto Rico – Florida Gulf Coast University; Hayden Grimes of Haworth, Okla. – McNeese State University; Seth Freed of Bay City, Mich. – Ball State University; Dakota Robbins of Miami, Fla. – Marshall University; Philippe Berthiaume of Quebec, Canada – University of Texas Arlington and Austin Brownell of Cleveland, Okla. – Pittsburgh State University.