After a dominant performance on both sides of the ball in a season-opening win over rival Chandler, Prague standout Ray Embry was on the wrong end of a bad break Monday.

While working out, Embry broke a bone in his lower arm.

He is in a full arm cast for at least three weeks. As long as doctors don't decide surgery is necessary at that point, he would get a less restrictive cast.

He is hopeful that he will be able to return to help his team.

"I hope everything heals right and quickly so I can get back out there," Embry said Tuesday. He plays safety on defense. Embry had a touchdown on a fumble recovery and intercepted a pass Friday night. He had another interception called back on a flag.

Embry is also a great receiver. He had several catches Friday in the opener, including a 70-yard catch and run for a touchdown.

The senior is talking to division one football programs like Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tulsa - and started getting interest from Iowa State last week. 

With his size, speed and skills catching the ball, Embry is hard to miss.

Prague has other receivers who have played well in preseason scrimmages and Friday night. They also have a good running back in Calvin Boyce who was limited last year with an ankle sprain but is in great form this year.

Embry's absence will be noticed, but Prague will still have the tools to win games until he gets back on the field.