The All-District teams for Class 3A-2 football teams were announced Friday with local talent from Bethel, Prague and McLoud making the cut.


Prague's Calvin Boyce was named as offensive player of the year as Ray Embry was named wide receiver of the year alongside Zac Green from McLoud and Cody Farmer of Jones. Prague also saw Jacob VanOster as one of the offensive linemen, Colton Bristow named to the defensive line and Preston Hodges named as one of the linebackers of the year.

Elway Ferrial was named All-District quarterback, Cole Wright made the offensive line, Austin Chesser and Josh Turner made the cut for linebackers and Trent Palmer and McLoud's Landry Willis were named All-District defensive backs.


Braxton Hall took home top honors as 3A-2 Quarterback of the Year, Shane Rodriguez was named one of the defensive players of the year and Jeremy Kope was listed as an offensive lineman of the year.

Jaden Mitchell was named one of five to receive Linebacker of the Year.


The Wildcats' Blaine Blair was named All-District special teams and Isaiah Frederick was named All-District linebacker. Adam Drew was named as Kicker of the Year, Peyton Barney was one of the safeties of the year and Cole Akins and Reno Sanford joined Star Spencer's Rekejan Maytubby and Prague's Colton Bristow as Defensive Lineman of the Year. Brett Wattson was named to the Offensive Linemen of the Year.