SHAWNEE – The Shawnee football team has taken the icy winter weather over the last few days and turned it into a positive to help their fellow citizens. The boys are at the beck and call of the elderly and disabled veterans who need help with downed trees or limbs.

The idea came to coach Billy Brown as he was out trimming his own trees after the ice storm that ravaged the area earlier this week.

“I was out doing my own limbs during the first wave... and just got to thinking how an elderly person or disabled person would do it,” he said.

Brown and coach Randy Henshaw expect their 40-plus offseason players to volunteer their time along with any other coaches and players who are available to.

With school being out due to the weather, Brown doesn't know quite what the turnout will be until classes start up again, but is expecting he and the team will be kept pretty busy once things clear up a bit.

“We're expecting quite a few, I've had about 20 facebook messages,” he said.

If you would like more information, please contact the Shawnee High School athletic office at 405-214-7130 and leave a message with your contact information.