SHAWNEE – The Wolves held off Capitol Hill as long as they could, but found themselves on the losing end of a 2-1 double overtime contest Tuesday at Shawnee.

Sebastian Rodriguez made a big stop in the goal with 3:14 left in regulation on a kick from the left side and the teams stayed stagnant through regulation and the first overtime to go into OT2.

While it was Shawnee who mainly controlled the ball in the first extra minutes, the second overtime saw the advantage go to Capitol Hill's side and a goal slipped through Rodriguez's legs with 2:07 left.

“He was on it,” Shawnee coach Jason Merrell said. “He should have been able to knock it down and keep it in front of him, but it didn't go our way,”

Lucas Gann made the first goal of the game with 2:40 elapsed in the first half and despite several good looks, the Wolves couldn't find another goal. That was the story of the night for the Wolves who outshot Capitol Hill 10-3.

“They didn't beat us, we beat ourselves with the mistakes,” Merrell said.

Seth King nearly had a goal shortly before the halftime break on a pass from Gann, but booted it a bit too hard to sail over the goal. Kossi Kodoe had a header but put it right in line with the Capitol Hill goalkeeper.

The Red Wolves tied things up on a goal with 17 minutes left in the half after breaking through the middle of Shawnee's defense for a low pressure shot.

Kodoe nearly got the Wolves ahead on a pass from Tim Guptil but missed just a bit high as his shot bounced off the top post. Another shot by Kodoe went right into the goalkeeper's arms with 15:30 to play.

Gann made a goal on an assist by Kodoe with 6:30 left in the game, but was called offsides to negate the shot and keep things tied.

“I couldn't tell from the angle I was at, but we'll definitely look at it on tape,” Merrell said. “It's over now, that's unfortunate.”

The loss drops the Wolves to 7-2 on the season as they prepare to face their biggest challenge so far Friday when they face undefeated Tulsa Union on the road.

“It's definitely going to test our courage and what type of fortitude we've got,” Merrell said.