Thirty-nine student-athletes and four athletic teams at Seminole State College have been recognized for their outstanding academic achievements this year by the National Junior College Athletic Association. The NJCAA All-American Student Athlete Awards are divided into the three groups based on GPA – First Team requires a 4.0 GPA, Second Team requires a GPA between 3.80 and 3.99, and Third Team requires a GPA between 3.60 and 3.79.

SSC student-athletes recognized as First Team are: Jamie Clark – Women's Basketball; Briana Davis – Soccer; Mitchell Elliott – Basketball; Teagan Hamilton – Volleyball; Kalli Jones – Soccer; Cameron Kennedy – Basketball; Kaytlyn Kizarr – Softball; Maria Mathews – Volleyball; Katelyn McCarn – Softball; Hanna Pitman – Women's Basketball; Haley Pomplun – Softball and Carly Scallorn – Softball.

Student-athletes recognized as Second Team are: Hannah Ash – Women's Basketball; Sydney Breckenridge – Volleyball; Lindsay Derricott – Volleyball; Daryian Francher – Soccer; Aleksa Koracin – Basketball; Suni Meely – Softball; Andrew Parker – Tennis; Valentina Ramirez – Women's Tennis; Hayley Reibenspies – Softball; Emily Richasdson – Softball and Hunter White – Softball.

Student-athletes recognized as Third Team are: Sadi Avants – Softball; Bailey Baker – Women's Golf; Kaitlyn Carroll – Volleyball; Mason Coulston – Golf; Alexis Freeman – Softball; Franki Hull – Softball; Lindsey Hurley – Women's Basketball; Meghan Mickle – Volleyball; Chaz Orr – Baseball; Timothy Reed – Baseball; Molly Reynolds – Women's Tennis; Kaci Richardson – Women's Basketball; Jolie Romine – Softball; McKenna Solberg – Softball; Dembri Weeks – Women's Basketball and Gracee Zito – Volleyball.

Four SSC Athletic Teams have been nominated for Academic Team of the year by sport. A nomination is given for a team with a 3.0 GPA or above. Softball held an overall team GPA of 3.55, Volleyball held a 3.44 GPA, Women's Tennis earned a 3.32 GPA and the Belles collected a 3.32 GPA. Four other SSC teams narrowly missed the requirement for a nomination.