Off the Wall 2021: Annual fundraiser goes virtual again

The Shawnee News-Star
Some Off the Wall artworks are displayed at the Shawnee Mall through Sunday, March 28.

Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art's annual Off the Wall fundraiser is coming up again — with 59 local artists donating artwork — and it has gone virtual for the second year in a row.

This year's fundraiser will be at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 9, and tickets can be purchased to reserve a spot in the drawing pool for a choice of artwork. View the donated artworks in the online gallery at

The museum has also added an artwork Bingo game to this year's event, with additional prizes. Bingo-only tickets are also available for purchase.

Folk singing duo Roy Reynolds and Jean Lamer, from Salt Lick, Kentucky, will perform while attendees sign on for the virtual event through Zoom.

At 7 p.m., drawings will begin for the paintings, mosaics, photographs, jewelry, sketches and other works of art created and donated by local artists. Emcees Zachary Qualls and Dr. Jim Vernon will guide the evening's random drawings. When their ticket is drawn, patrons have 30 seconds to choose a piece of art “off the wall.” For the bingo event, attendees can mark art off a bingo card as it's selected to win prizes.

Some Off the Wall artworks are displayed at the Shawnee Mall through Sunday, March 28.

Artwork donations were given by the following artists: Meredith Bailey, Scott Baird, Jack Barrett, John Bartos, Amanda Basden, Martin Beauford, Julie Marks Blackstone, Ed Bolt, Phyllis Bolt, Theresa Bragg, Raegan Brittain, Susan Burnett, Becky Emerson Carlberg, Joel Carmichael, Link Cowen, Sheryl Cozad, Jessica Craig, Cheryl Curtis, Cody Deem, Jude Delaney, Amber DuBoise-Shepherd, Gretchen Evans, Les Ferrin, Kara Gardner, Douglas Gordon, Benjamin Harjo, Jr., Vernon Hatley, Barbara Hertz, Steve Hicks, Belinda Hilburn, Amanda Hodges, Mark Hubbard, Cece Kemp, Lucy Ketch, Peggy Kinder, Sebrina Lynam, Joe McNeal, Kelly Pennington, Stan Pollard, Rachel Pullen, Raven, G. Patrick Riley, Madeline Rugh, Ph.D., David Stanley, Barbara Stewart, Marla Storm, Debbie Stubsten, Michi Susan, Daryl Talbot, James F. Vaughn III, Lisa Vernon, Robin Watts, Michael Way, Wes Windel, Sherry Wingfield, Leanne Henry Wright, and Cecelia Yoder. Plus, special donations by Pickard Art Gallery, Megan Clement, Sandra Merchant, and theArts@317.

To attend, reserve a ticket at or call Tonya at 405-878-5604. Tickets are $50. To increase the chances of getting a favorite art piece, tickets can be upgraded by paying $50 or $100 more. Random drawings begin with the upgraded $150 “Eat-my-Dust” tickets.

All proceeds benefit the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art 2021-2022 Special Exhibition Season, which kicks off in July with Interesting Times: the Art of Honore Daumier. 

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art is located on the OBU Green campus, 1900 W. MacArthur Street in Shawnee.

Some Off the Wall artworks are displayed at the Shawnee Mall through Sunday, March 28.