Letter to Santa tradition continues

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star
Kyson Turner, Mrs. Stone's kindergarten class, Bethel

Despite schools switching between in-person and virtual school due to the pandemic, area students wrote their letters to Santa just like they do every year – and teachers made sure to pass those letters on to The Shawnee News-Star so we can get them to the big man himself. A few teachers were even able to submit pictures of their students participating in Christmas crafts.

Mrs. Horton's class, Sequoyah Elementary

Here are some of our favorite letters from this year’s list. Also, look in the Christmas Greetings section for all of the letters submitted by schools in Bethel, Shawnee and Tecumseh.

Isaac Boland in Mrs. Ingersoll’s kindergarten class at Bethel confessed to being a “little bit naughty,” but we applaud him for the nice things he did, “playing with my friends and helping my grandpa pick up Tom’s heavy bricks.” Keep helping your grandpa, Isaac, and maybe next year you can tip the scales in the “nice” direction!

Also in Mrs. Ingersoll’s class, we approve of Shonyas DeerInWater’s request of, “the ocean, a volcano, dinosaurs with lots of land, and more volcanos.”

In Mrs. Nowlin’s kindergarten class at Bethel, we loved Luke Harrell’s idea of leaving Santa “pickles and pickle juice for your Christmas Eve snack.” He might appreciate a salty treat after all the cookies and milk.

Madison Jones, in Mrs. Bishop’s first-grade class at Bethel, had a simple and heart-warming wish for Santa. “All I want for Christmas is for my mom to be happy!!!” she wrote to Santa.

Speaking of heart-warming, Madison Foote in Mrs. Shaw’s first-grade class at Bethel had special wish to add on to her list of toys she hoped for: “My very special gift is to keep my foster brothers and sister so mom and dad can adopt them so I can have more sisters and brothers.”

We loved that Liam Ward, in Mrs. Winn’s first-grade class at Grove, requested an evil robot to attack Lego City, but also a robot to save the city from the robot attacking it. “Can you bring a robot that destroys LEGO City? Can you bring another robot to destroy the other robot to save LEGO city?” he asked.

We thought it was very thoughtful that Payton’s only request in Mrs. Williams’ first grade class at South Rock Creek was for everyone to be happy.

In Mrs. Litle’s kindergarten class at Tecumseh Early Childhood Center, Promise C. asked for “a Rock-n-Roll guitar so I can change everyone into rock zombies” and also “a Poppy microphone and Elsa’s water seahorse.” We don’t know that we want to be turned into rock zombies, but we do enjoy the creativity of the request. And also, who doesn’t want Elsa’s water seahorse?

“I want a Rock-n-Roll guitar so I can change everyone into rock zombies.  I also want a Poppy microphone and Elsa’s water seahorse.” – Promise C.

In Mrs. Pierce’s kindergarten class at Tecumseh Early Childhood Center, Jude L. enlisted Santa’s help with a trespasser when he added the note, “And I never want Pierce to come into my room because he messes stuff up.” Anyone with siblings probably knows exactly where Jude is coming from.

Kyra McCabe, Mrs. Carrington's class, Sequoyah Elementary

Popular Requests

Some of the popular requests for toys this year were LOL dolls, Beyblades, hover boards, Poopsie the dancing unicorn, baby Yoda, Ryan’s World toys, dinosaurs, unicorns, and pet cats, dogs, and horses.

Grove Elementary

Santa Answers

We also reached out to Santa to find out the answer to some of the questions asked in this year’s letters. For those who are curious, his responses are listed below.

Q: Do you wear a mask?

A: Yes, though it’s a little tricky fitting it over the beard! But I think it’s very important to do my part to keep the elves – and the reindeer – healthy. So we all wear our masks and make sure to wash our hands, just like everyone else.

Q: Does Frosty live in the North Pole?

A: He certainly does in the summer! Though he sometimes likes to do traveling during winter time when it’s safe for him to go south.

Q: What do reindeer eat?

A: Reindeer eat different plants – such as mosses, grasses, ferns, leaves and other things. An in winter, when there aren’t many plants due to the snow, they eat lichen and fungi.

Q: What type of milk do you like?

A: I like all types of milk, including chocolate milk!

Q: What do the elves do when they aren’t making toys?

A: Elves do many different things in their free time. Like humans, they have a wide variety of interests and personalities. Some like to read, some like to bake, some like to train reindeer, and some like to go skiing. They also like to engage in snowball fights and a special sort of snow bowling they invented.

Q: What are your reindeer’s names:

A: The most well-known of my reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen, and Rudolph.

Q: How does Rudolph have a red nose?/How do the reindeer fly?

A: They were just born that way, the way some people are born with red hair or brown eyes. There’s magic involved, of course, but magic isn’t something that can be explained easily.

Q: How are the elves/Rudolph/you/Mrs. Claus?

A: We are all doing very well and looking forward to celebrating Christmas day. We’re all hoping all of you are also well, and that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Presley Kessinger, Mrs. Yount’s first-grade at Will Rogers