The Everyday Home: Getting into back-to-school family cleaning routine

Sonya McDaniel, extension educator, FCS/CED
Pottawatomie County Extension Service

School is in full swing! It’s back to homework and schedules, with set bedtimes and rushing out the door to make the bus.

This is a great time to jump-start some cleaning routines at home. Keeping things neat and organized will definitely make the days go more smoothly. The key is to get everyone involved, so that keeping the house clean rests with everyone who gets it messy!

After school, kids can empty lunchboxes and backpacks, put dirty clothes where they belong, organize supplies and books and help with lunch/snack prep for the next day. Designate a spot for completed homework and communications from school.

Spouses and older kids can take turns cooking, setting and clearing the dinner table, and loading the dishwasher. Even little ones can help by bringing food items to and from the table.

Everyone should put their sports equipment in a designated spot to avoid clutter and the desperate search for cleats/balls/uniforms in the hurried minutes before practice and games.

Jackets should be hung up on pegs or in a coat closet rather than strewn across furniture.

Refillable water bottles should be cleaned after each use. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to clean your bottles.  Use warm water and dish detergent, and then rinse them out with clean water and air-dry or wipe‘em with a clean towel.

Getting everyone involved in household chores will help the family focus on the things that matter!


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