Poem: He cares, by Caroline Hughes

The Shawnee News-Star

He Cares

There comes a time in each one's life

They feel so all alone

They feel as if no one cares

And wonder what they've done

To cause this pain and heartache

And to have such grief and woe

They try to find an answer

But don't know which way to go

Just turn and reach out to Jesus

If you begin to feel this way

He will love and comfort you

And help you to have a brighter day

He loved you oh so much

That He gave His life for you

And He is a loving Friend

One that's tried and true

He is a loving, caring Savior

He'll wipe all tears away

And when you're sad and lonely

By your side He'll stay

He will give you peace within

Like you've never had before

He will fill your heart with joy

And give you so much more.

— by Carolyn Hughes