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Beyond Compare

In youth, vigor,

Gives way to stamina,

Faith and hope,

Are a shining light.

Strength endures,

Until that simple day,

When age brings fragility,

Beyond our grasp.

All that we have,

Is a measure of holiness,

And a distant future,

Unveiled and free.

When death becomes life,

And each soul is bared,

Remember our Lord,

Who is beyond compare.

Max F. Boatman


Why Me, Lord?

Sometimes people ask, "Why me, Lord?"

When trouble comes their way

But they never think of Him

When all is bright as day.

They go along down life's road

As if there'll be no tomorrow

Doing things all their own way

Until they are hit with sorrow

But do they ever ask, "Why me, Lord?"

Why did You give your life for me

How could You bear to suffer so

Just so I could be set free?

Why did You leave your home in glory

To come down here on earth below

How could You have so much love?

Is what I'd like to know

God sent His Son into the world

Knowing that He would have to die

To set men free from Satan's hold

So we would never have to ask why.

Carolyn Hughes


After the Battle

When God's people unite together

There's nothing they can't do

There's no mountain they can't climb

Nor a valley they can't walk through

They can face the worst storms

And in doing it have no fear

For they know that God promised

That He would always be near

He told us in His Word

To always look to the sky

For when it seems all is lost

Redemption is drawing night

There are battles raging around us

And we must stand our ground

For it's only in Christ Jesus

That victory can be found

He'll guide us through each battle

And stay right there by our side

And after the battle's over

He'll guide us o'er Jordan's swelling tide

Carolyn Hughes