Wallace Avenue Baptist Church looks to new home

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star
Wallace Avenue Baptist Church plans to relocate to the former Stage building, located just off Kickapoo Spur.

Wallace Avenue Baptist Church is making some changes this year as it gets ready to move from the building at Wallace and Chapman to a new location that once housed Stage.

The church has been at 601 W. Wallace since is founding in 1927, but its future home will be at 805 W. Ayre St., just off Kickapoo Spur.

“In the past couple of years, we have been growing out of our old building,” Pastor K. Blake Martin said. “We are in desperate need for more parking and seating area for current and future growth.”

To facilitate that growth, the church has purchased the former Stage building and is in the process of getting it ready for the move, which will include completely demolishing the inside for a new build and retrofitting, Martin said.

Once in the new building, he said they look forward to having more space for their church, including a fellowship hall that will be able to hold almost 300 people, an area for children, and a building that is ADA accessible.

“We are hoping to provide an extremely safe and fun space for families with kids,” Martin said. “Likewise, we are very much looking forward to eliminating stairs and being all on one floor. Everything will be ADA accessible and we are grateful for that.”

The church plans to have an opening-day worship service once the building is ready. No dates have been set yet, but Martin said they hope to be in the new space by late summer or fall.

Wallace Avenue Baptist Church has been located at 601 W. Wallace since is founding in 1927.

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