Minister's Corner: Walk in the light of Christ

Justin Dunn, UBC Shawnee

One of the earliest hymns written about Jesus and recorded in John 1 says, “In Him was life and that life was the light of all humankind” Christians are witnesses to this light.

For us to be witnesses the light of Christ must shine within. As we walk in the light of Christ we learn more, experience more, and inhabit more. In turn we supernaturally share more of the light because we are coming more and more to the light.

I have a friend who would always say, “walk in the light you are given.” Meaning, that we do not understand everything about our salvation and what we have been given in Christ. We keep moving, being obedient, learning, living, and trusting what God has shown us and eventually we find ourselves moving forward.

It’s been a year of coming out of tough times only to fall back into some tougher times. I pray that the light of Christ will beckon you, call you, and that you might answer and take even the smallest step. If you have questions or concerns about this light check out one of our area churches that preaches Jesus as the light. None of them are perfect but He is and He is worth it.

Happy New Year!!