Living well longer is our goal

Reggie Grovey

Hello, fitness enthusiast.

I want to challenge everyone to take a proactive stand to maintain health, and an active quality of life that includes staying trim, nourishing your body, developing flexible strong muscles, keeping your stamina, supporting brain performance, nurturing a strong heart, maintaining your balance, and building a functional body structure. These are all things we can improve upon if we use focus and give just a little more effort! Simply put...having success in these areas begins with your decision to excel in this very important part of your life every day! Please believe that proper nutrition, vitamins, proper fluids, rest, and exercise is as close to the “fountain of youth” as we can get. When consistently done together, it has been proven to help reduce many risk factors for poor health associated with aging.

It is easy to see that everyone ages just a little differently. Many have a much harder time physically, some live longer, others have a better qualiy of life, while many look, feel, and perform much younger than their number of birth years. This is a very intriguing subject and many Scientists are working hard to understand the differences and reasons why. My hopes would be for them to one day, come up with solutions that not only let us live longer, but at the same time, improves our quality of life for those living years. Less pain, and continued independence are a few examples worth fighting for that come to mind. I think most people would agree that living longer without good health is not desirable.

That’s where my job as a fitness professional comes in! I want to challenge each of you to take your health, and everything you learn from these articles seriously, and please apply it to your life every day! Educating yourselves on the importance of health, exercise, and nutrition as a way of life for you and your family will make a major difference! And the best part is, that it’s something everyone of us can do! And please remember aging pertains to everyone, young and old! Our goal is to do what we can consistently, daily, and starting early as possible in our lives, to prevent or reduce the onset of chronic diseases that negatively impact our health as we age.

A few of the major chronic diseases that contribute to poor health later in life are diabetes (sugar), emphysema, osteoarthritis (joints), cancer, and arteriosclerosis (artery problems). But the truth of the matter is that it starts much younger than you think, and here is a general example for diabetes. It starts with being overweight or obese in your 20’s or younger, by the time you hit age 30 you have a glucose intolerance, at 40 you have developed an elevated blood sugar level, at 50 it worsens, and you start taking medication at age 60. After that it can move into blindness, and ultimately amputation at the age of 70. So you see...our daily lifestyle is one of our major defenses against chronic cycles that affect us negatively as we age. Who knows, maybe in the above scenario, if that 20 year old had started proper nutrition, reduced sugar intake, built muscles, improved metabolism/fat burn, and did cardiovascular activities... they could have been able to reduce or prevent diabetes, and have enjoyed a more active quality of life for an increased number of years. Unfortunately as we age, many times we live too long without good health. We have got to try and reverse that!

What do you say? Let’s take control and responsibility of our own lives, and do something about it today. All we have to do is adopt strategies that keep us healthy, and follow them as a way of life. With the help of scientific research, and working closely with our health care professionals, exercising, eating healthy, and staying trim...I truly believe, we can not only live longer, but we can also maintain and enjoy a better quality of life during those living years!

Until next week, please make it a nutritious and healthy day! To get started with weight loss and healthy nutrition products contact Reggie @ (405) 613-0237, or like us on Facebook at Reggie’s personal training and nutrition, Ask about the “24 day challenge nutrition bundle” that jumpstarts weight loss, improves health, increases your active energy, and helps tone you up!

Reggie Grovey is a local 21-year fitness professional and nationally certified personal trainer and Advocare Nutrition independent distributor.