Snacks are an important part of good nutrition

Reggie Grovey
Fitness enthusiast

When I was a kid, not once did I see snacks for what they truly were! However with age,  I’ve learned that they are valuable opportunities three times a day to keep my body nourished, healthy, lean, and strong for the rest of my life! Today snacks are still a constant part of our lives and mean a variety of things for many people. With a large amount of America’s most popular snacks being loaded with too much sugar, calories, and bad fat, we certainly have our hands full making good choices for ourselves and our loved ones. But don’t worry, you can be great at it, because you do have control over the choices you make.

Snacks can be a healthy part of everyone’s diet. Choosing good snacks can help you manage weight, hunger, health, and energy. Snacks can help you maintain or gain healthy weight, or lose unwanted pounds and inches. Eating small healthy snacks between meals helps with weight loss by keeping your cravings down, and preventing excessive feelings of hunger that could lead to overeating. If your meals aren’t perfectly balanced, I encourage you to try using snacks to help meet healthy requirements for vegetables, fruits, calcium, proteins, good fats and others. There are many tasty choices available!  A few of my all time favorites are the Advocare Body Lean protein shakes, almonds, apples, grapes, and strawberries!

Please work snacks into your diet. I challenge you not to view them as “extras”!  Choose snacks that contribute to your calorie and nutrient needs. Snack on foods that compliment your meals, help speed up metabolism, and add variety to your diet.

If your goal is to lose weight, you may want to include healthy snacks that are between 100-200 calories. If you are physically active, or are looking to gain weight, you may need to include healthy snacks that have between 200-400 calories.

Watch your snack portion sizes. Make sure your snack portions are smaller than your meal portions. Snacks should not fill you up, but instead help keep you from becoming hungry. Please challenge yourself not to nibble when urged by non- hunger impulses like boredom, frustration, or stress. Calories consumed during this time can really add up! Try taking a walk, meditating, stretching, or participating in some other proactive activity during this time, like reviewing your health and fitness goals, or making a family healthy grocery list.

Here comes a big challenge I would really like you to conquer! Be very conscious when you snack. When it is snack time, please plan, make a good choice, eat and enjoy your snack. When it is TV time, relax and watch TV. When it is study What I am trying to say is please don’t mix snacking with other activities because it has been my experience that it will more than likely lead to overeating and weight gain, simply because you’ll become wrapped up in the activity, instead of how many, and what types of calories you’ve just consumed. Especially during these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and spending more time at home!  Fitness friends, please believe me when I say snack choices really make a difference in the success or failure of your weight management program.

Finally, plan ahead and keep a variety of tasty, nutritious, and ready to eat snacks available at all times. Small containers, coolers, and baggies will definitely make this task easier when you have to be away from home.

Snacks keep you going when you are dragging, and nutritious snacks will keep you going longer, as well as help tone you up! Small, wisely chosen snacks between meals promote good health and add pleasure to your life. Snack with variety, balance, and moderation in mind to help yourself achieve health and weight loss goals. You can do this!

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Reggie Grovey is a local 21-year fitness professional and nationally certified personal trainer and Advocare Nutrition independent distributor.