Amtrak Heartland Flyer celebrates 20 years on track in Oklahoma and Texas

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star

In 1999, passenger rail made a triumphant return to the Sooner State as the Amtrak Heartland Flyer hit the rails between Oklahoma and Texas. Now the train is readying for its 20th anniversary on June 14 with celebrations and a summer of savings for passengers.

The daily service by Amtrak has carried more than 1.4 million passengers between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth during the past two decades. The line was initiated thanks to federal funds received by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to start Amtrak service. ODOT and the Texas Department of Transportation contribute funds annually to continue the daily operations. The Heartland Flyer connects to the Texas Eagle train in Fort Worth, which provides service to major cities including Dallas, Little Rock, St. Louis or Austin and San Antonio.

“The Heartland Flyer continues to be a major transportation solution for connecting Oklahoma to rail options nationwide,” Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation and ODOT Executive Director Tim Gatz said. “We appreciate the support of Oklahomans and Texans for this line and look forward to opportunities to keep it growing in the future.”

The Heartland Flyer runs daily between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas. It has carried more than 1.4 million passengers in its 20 years of service.