Longtime Seminole resident leaves funds to SSC

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star
Morris Estate Trustee Bill Parsons and Seminole State College President Lana Reynolds look over materials related to the life of donor Elsie Morris.

Elsie Morris lived a simple, quiet, and by all accounts, a very modest life. Seminole was her home – where she met and married her husband, helped raise two step-sons, was active in her church and was a dedicated employee at the First Federal Savings and Loan.

She lived to be 101 and was always meticulous in the organization of her material things and of her funds.

Last week, the Seminole State College Educational Foundation received a $10,000 check from the Elsie Morris estate. Despite her unassuming lifestyle, Elsie’s gift will touch students’ lives and help them with their education. The money will be endowed and the interest spent each year to help deserving students with expenses like tuition, fees or books.

Elsie passed away in Seminole this past August. Born Elsie Schall, the daughter of a German immigrant and his first generation American wife, she was a 1937 graduate of Seminole High School. She married Seminole businessman Claude Morris in 1962.

In addition to her career in banking, Elsie was involved in the Seminole community through her membership in the First Christian Church where she was organist for 50 years. She was also a charter member of the Business and Professional Women (BPW), serving as president two times and as District Director.

Elsie was Assistant Vice President at the First Federal Savings and Loan in Seminole, working at the financial institution for over 39 years before retiring in 1979. Trustee of her estate, retired Seminole banker Bill Parsons, was a long-time friend of Elsie. When he began working in banking, she was a co-worker. He credits her with teaching him a lot about the business.

In her later years, he managed her affairs – paying her bills and overseeing her property. A former member of the SSC Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, Parsons was responsible for encouraging her to leave a financial gift to the College. Parsons said,

“Elsie was very frugal and a good manager. I had tremendous respect for her. I thought it was appropriate that she should be remembered for being able to help others with some of the finances she had accumulated,” Parsons said.

SSC President Lana Reynolds said estate gifts, like the one left by Elsie Morris, can be a living legacy to help others.

“We appreciate Mrs. Morris’ interest in the College, and more importantly, in providing much-needed educational resources to students. Her name and her life will be remembered by not only those who knew her in the Seminole community, but generations of students,” Reynolds said.

For more information about the Seminole State College Educational Foundation and estate gifts, contact the Foundation office at 405-382-9506 or visit the Foundation website at www.sscok.edu/Foundation. The SSC Educational Foundation mailing address is: P.O. Box 351, Seminole, OK 74818.