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McLoud pom member dances at Disney

Elisabeth Slay

Dancer and 16-year-old McLoud High School student, Bailey Snellings received the chance of a lifetime to travel to Orlando, Florida and dance in Disney World's yearly Christmas Parade.

According to the dancer, she and her mother went to the Magic Kingdom in November where Snellings was able to perform with other dancers from around the world as well as audience's favorite Disney characters.

"It was the first time one of the pom girls went to represent our school, which made my coach and my mom really proud," Snellings said.

The high school junior said the experience was nerve wracking at first, but once she was there and actually performed, it was a very fun and memorable moment.

"When we were lining up it was definitely the most exciting thing getting to hear all the people cheer for you and the music starting and just walking out in front of all the little kids, knowing that they look up to you, is really a great feeling," Snellings said.

The dancer explained dome other highlights of her trip were seeing Backstage Disney and her mother cheering her on in the crowd as she danced.

"We just walked through Downtown Disney...about 10 times and then we got to spend the rest of the day at Disney which was really cool," Snellings said.

For Snellings, the best aspect of performing at Disney was doing what she enjoys most for her hometown of McLoud.

"I (loved) the experience of it, just getting to represent my school that way, doing what I really love which is dance and being there to represent my squad was really cool," Snellings said.

The 16-year-old said she auditioned for this performance at the end of May and was very excited when she found out she made it.

"I auditioned not really thinking anything of it, but when they called my name I was like 'No way. Wow," Snellings said.

The junior said she's not sure what her future holds, but she knows she will continue to dance because it's her passion and she couldn't imagine doing anything else.

"It not something I want to stop in high school because it has brought so much fun and memories for me," Snellings said.