McLoud alum opens fitness gym

Elisabeth Slay

McLoud High School graduate Matt Manderfeld opened his new 15,000 square foot gym Peak Fitness in September 2019, and fulfilled his passion of bringing health and wellness to the residents of Shawnee.

According to the business owner, Peak Fitness is different from other gyms because it has unique equipment, various exercise classes, a smoothy bar and other such amenities.

"Peak Fitness is a locally owned and family operated fitness facility for everybody," Manderfeld said. "We're definitely about the community and everything...We're for beginners, intermediate and people that are more experienced in fitness."

Located at 5630 N. Harrison Street, Manderfeld said in addition to classes and a smoothy bar, Peak Fitness has other aspects including a sauna and locker rooms.

The 34-year-old explained Peak Fitness has something for everyone and the facility hopes to help the members of Shawnee and surrounding areas.

"We want to help people reach their fitness goals. Whether it's losing weight or what ever it maybe," Manderfeld said.

Since he was in middle school, Manderfeld said he has had a passion for fitness and developed it further in high school through weight lifting and sports.

"I played football in McLoud and I power lifted and it just became a passion of mine and it's something I do love," Manderfeld said.

Manderfeld explained Peak Fitness was established in 2015 and for a while he was a member of 24/7 Fitness Express, but when the owner wanted to sell it he decided to buy it and make it his own.

The business owner said he hopes to help people who want to change and teach them how to utilize fitness.

"I hope we change the community in a positive way and educate everybody in the Shawnee and surrounding area about fitness and how important it is and to be able to reach out and help every individual that we possible can," Manderfeld said.

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