Let the library help make “A Healthier You” in 2020

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star

Those wanting to start 2020 with a resolution to be healthier can find plenty of support from their local library through an initiative of the Pioneer Library System.

It’s called “A Healthier You,” and it will encourage residents from throughout the library system to undertake activities promoting physical and mental well-being. The initiative kicked off Jan. 1 and runs through April 31.

The “A Healthier You” initiative follows the “10 to Try” program hosted in PLS libraries this fall. More than 800 customers participated in “10 to Try,” which encouraged readers to tackle books in a variety of genres and topics and broaden their reading horizons.

For “A Healthier You,” it’s a look at many ways to improve quality of life, and different recommended tasks and topics will be set up each month. These range from drinking eight glasses of water a day to unplugging from technology to tasks as seemingly simple – but beneficial – as getting eight hours of sleep at least once a week.

Each month, participants can earn a badge by completing seven of the activities listed. Readers can log in with their existing account they used for “10 to Try” to access the list of activities where they then can chart their successes. Those accounts, as well as information for those who don’t yet have an account, can be accessed at https://pioneer.beanstack.org.

Readers also have a chance in January to be part of the third annual Winter Reading Challenge, presented by Beanstack and sponsored by Penguin Random House. It’s easy to participate, as readers can go to the same account they’re using for the healthy challenge and chart their reading time from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31.

More than 1,000 libraries and schools have signed up for this national contest, and those who have the most reading hours will earn Golden Penguin and Random House awards and prizes.

Find out more about “A Healthier You” by visiting any PLS library, going online to www.pioneerlibrarysystem.org or through the Pioneer Library System Connect App, available for download on iTunes or Google Play.