Shawnee store in business for 47 years

Elisabeth Slay
Owner of Mayme's Miss & Mrs., Cheryl Lawson has owned the store with her husband Mike for the last 47 years.

Since 1973 Mayme's Miss & Mrs. has provided unique and interesting fashions and styles to the vast variety of ladies in Shawnee and surrounding areas.

According to owner Cheryl Lawson, Mayme's began as a small store located at the corner of Market and MacArthur and it was operated daily by and named after Lawson's mother.

"We were there for ten years and then in 1983 my husband added on to the present building and...we've been here ever since," Cheryl said.

Cheryl said she and her husband Mike had the opportunity to open their clothing store when her mother was available to run the businesses daily since they did not live in Shawnee at the time.

"My mother ran the daily operations for the first ten years of the business and we named it for her because she was the one who was on site," Cheryl said.

The business owner said she grew up in Shawnee and spent most of her life in the area as well as her husband.

For Cheryl, the best aspect of owning Mayme's are the relationships she has formed with people over the last several decades.

"I think what I love most about owning my own business (are) the customers. I've had very loyal customers through the years and I've formed many friendships as a result," Cheryl said. "They make your day."

However, Cheryl explained being a business owner is not without its hardships

"I think a small business owner is always challenged by malls and internet sales...but we like to see ourselves as a business that offers really good service to our customers," Cheryl said.

In addition, Cheryl said she and Mike pay property taxes and sales taxes which go toward the communuty's schools and they hire local people.

It's Cheryl's goal to provide unique items for women and make sure they find clothes or jewlery that they like.

"I work very hard to find styles that are approperiate for the customer base that I have...We try to offer a uniqueness in our styles and a limted number per style," Cheryl said.

The business owner explained while her job is to provide the clothing and merchandise, Mike handles all the behind the scene work.

"He is the computer programer...He built the building that we're in. This was a home that we owned and he is the one who built it," Cheryl said. "He's very skillful in most everything he does."

Both Cheryl and Mike are gratful for their customers, both old and new, who have kept their business successful for the last four decades.

"It its an accomplishment, but it hasn't been without its challenges and a lot of hard work," Cheryl said.

"I'd like to think we have loyal customer because they get friendly competant service and we know most everyone who walks through the door."

In addition to Mike and herself, Cheryl said the three women who also work in the store are to thank for their success.

"I have three girls who work and a couople of them have been here for 10-12 years so they're familar faces to my customers," Cheryl said. "We enjoy each other and we enjoy our cusomers."

As time goes on, Cheryl said she hopes to go another four decades as one of Shawnee's successful local businesses.

"I hope I see a continued good business and Shawnee is growing and that's excited," Cheryl said. "We'll see what the future holds."