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Seminole resident owns unique antique store

Elisabeth Slay
Jan Mcvoid has been one of the owners of the Pirates Cove Antique Booth Mall for the last three years.

Customers are in for a “funky antique dig” at the Pirates Cove Antique Booth Mall located on Main Street in Downtown Seminole.

According to co-owner and Seminole resident Jan Mcvoid, the Pirates Cove has been owned by her and her business partner Joyce Ainesworth for the last three years.

“Every one of (the) little (booths) is someone different,” Mcvoid said. “I’ve got all kinds of stuff from original artwork to antique furniture…You name it we’ve got it.”

The business owner said Pirates Cove has been opened for a total of six years, but she and Aninesworth took over after the previous owners moved.

“I didn’t want to see it close. (It) was the same thing with (Joyce),” Mcvoid said.

Since they took ownership, Mcvoid said she has enjoyed operating the store and her favorite aspect of owning a business is also one of the more challenging ones.

“(The best part) is all the people you get to meet,” Mcvoid said. “You really want to sit and talk with them and learn all about them, but time is of the essence.”

The antique dealer explained while she and Ainesworth have been in charge people have responded positively to the Pirates Cove.

“It’s been great, and they’ve said there is a world of difference…since (we) took it over. It’s a lot fuller. It’s a lot better. There are better items in here and they turnover quicker,” Mcvoid said.

The Seminole resident also explained if the store doesn’t have a certain item someone is looking for, she can point them in the right direction.

“We all know somebody that can find whatever somebody else was looking for,” Mcvoid said.

Mcvoid said Pirates Cove is different than other antique stores because of her vendors and the items they bring.

The business owner said in addition to having unique items, people should shop in stores such as the Pirates Cove because it needs their support.

“We’re the little man and we’re the mom and pop stores and we’ll all have Wal-Mart stuff if we stop shopping in places like (Pirates Cove),” Mcvoid said.

Overall, Mcvoid said she hopes people will continue to explore the treasures of the Pirates Cove and allow it to grow in the future.

“I hope it just gets bigger and better,” Mcvoid said.

Pirates Cove is located at 305 N. Main Street in Seminole and its hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and they’re closed Sunday and Monday.