School Resource Officers Making a Difference: Marcus Burris at McLoud Schools

Elisabeth Slay
Marcus Burris has been at McLoud Public Schools for about five months and has been in law enforcement for since 2016.

Editor's Note: This is a story in a series looking at this area’s school resource officers and the work they do to keep local students and schools safe.

It's been about five months since Marcus Burris became a school resource officer at McLoud Public Schools and those it's been a short time, he's already formed relationships and a love for the job.

The 27-year-old said he's been in law enforcement since 2016 and decided to take this assignment because he has a passion for helping people.

"Community enforcement is a big part of our department and for me a school resource officer is one of the best ways that I can assist with that and I'm just here working with the kids and trying to build that strong relationship with them," Burris said. "It's rewarding."

The officer said he comes from a law enforcement family and has always wanted to be a policeman helping his community.

"Just watching my family members in law enforcement and how much they enjoyed it and how much they helped their community," Burris said. "I wanted to follow in their foot steps."

Burris explained he spends each day monitoring when students are dropped off, picked up, at lunch and just making sure everyone's safety is maintained throughout the day.

The officer said he hasn't really run into any challenges as a school resource officer and he's slowly starting to build relationships with students.

"I've made some pretty good progress as far as building a relationship with a couple of the students. One of the big things I see is just having someone to talk to. They really appreciate having that open ear," Burris said.

As his time at McLoud continues, Burris said he hopes to form bonds with more students and break down the barrier that's sometimes between young people and law enforcement.

"I hope that the relationship stays within the students and maybe inspires some students to move toward law enforcement, but overall just to keep that positive relationship between law enforcement and the community," Burris said.