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McLoud voters to decide bond issue

By: Blaine Murdock

To further strengthen McLoud’s school district, McLoud Public Schools is requesting a brand new bond issue that has been presented on fliers at every school building and will be voted on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

If passed, the bond's primary focus would be improving the schools and making the district a better place for students to go to school.

This issue will focus on construction along with what the district has already done to improve the McLoud schools.

This specific bond will have no additional tax increase for residents of McLoud, the flier shows.

McLoud High School Principal Rhonda Hockenbury had a few words to say on how this bond will help McLoud schools.

“The new bond issue will benefit not only the school and district, but the community. It will specifically help the high school by giving us our own cafeteria area,” Hockenbury said.

Turf fields are also on the radar for the new bond issue.

“Turf fields have proven to decrease injuries. They are also much easier to maintain and do not require mowing or watering,” Hockenbury said.

The principal also said turf fields would make a major impact on the district and the high school football field.

The issue also includes remodeling the entire secondary campus.

“The remodeling that is planned for the secondary campus includes creating a new safer entryway into the junior high and adding a larger lobby and eating area for the high school,” Hockenbury said.

Security fencing will be included if the bond passes, she said, and the new bond issue would allow for new security fencing around every campus.The school has also come across an issue with the gravel pavement at the football field.

“The current parking is not sufficient or safe. Paved parking would improve access to all games,” Hockenbury said.

Also included in the bond proposition would be a remodel for the former intermediate school.The new intermediate will be opening in August and the former building will need to be remodeled before second- and third-grade classes move in.

Elections will be held Tuesday, Feb. 11.

If a student's family resides in the school district, they are able to vote. Hockenbury said that this bond issue requires a 60 percent supermajority vote in order to pass.