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Shawnee City Commission: Contractor chosen for outdoor warning system upgrade

Vicky O. Misa

This week Shawnee City Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of awarding a bidder for an installation project to upgrade and replace the city's outdoor warning system.

Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson said the lowest bidder, Federal Signal Corp., offered a quote of $309,509.73, which covers the base bid and addenda No. 2.

The 120-day project is to be at multiple locations within city limits, and may include up to 22 sites, Wilson said in the request for bids.

He said the project involves upgrade and replacement of the existing system with both hardware and software.

“The Project includes replacement of existing poles with 60 ft. poles, electrical wiring and metal type rigid conduit, control and battery boxes, controller, rotating siren heads, VHF base station/transmission lines interfacing with existing antenna and lines, the addition of automated software compatible with the National Weather Service alerting system to include mobile application,” Wilson said.

The request for bids included two alternates: No. 1 was to add the capability for voice alerts on three of the existing sites; and No. 2 was for solar charging on all sites.

“The major components carry a five-year parts and labor warranty with Federal Signal Corp.,” he said.

The project is designed to create a modern, efficient and automated early warning system for the City of Shawnee.

Along with the chosen contractor Federal Signal Corp., there also were five other firms submitting bids.

Base bids were offered in a range between $300,000 and $900,000.

Bidders were:

• American Signal Corp, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offered a base bid of $311,373.01, Alt. 1 — $883 (per), Alt. 2 — $1,750 (per);

• Acoustic Technology Inc., from East Boston, Massachusetts, did not offer a base bid, but did submit estimates for Alt. 1, at $498,117.71, and Alt. 2, at $527,149.71;

• Joe Goddard Ent. LLC, based in Edmond, offered a base bid of $303,180.97, Alt. 1 — $332,638.33, Alt. 2 — $339,642.97;

• Federal Signal Corp., out of University Park, Illinois, offered a base bid of $298,664.73, Alt. 1 — $42,250, Alt. 2 — $28,050; (Subtracting $17,205 from the base bid)

• Bearcom, from Broken Arrow only offered a base bid, which was $909,919.33; and

• SafetyCom Inc., from Little Rock, Arkansas offered a base bid of $374,804, Alt. 1 — $9,800 (per), Alt. 2 — $3,795 (per)