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Shawnee Girl Scouts begin cookie sale season

Elisabeth Slay
Pictured from left to right (back row) Kylie Gerdon, Gracie Holmes, Kauren Holmes, Raygan Taylor and Jaclyn Breed and front row Kallie Ailey, Claudia Thomason, Joclynn Newman and not pictured in the troop are Dabra Kuykendall, Alyssa Deharen, Makenzie Dahson and Destiny Swearingen.

It's Girl Scout cookie season so area troops are busy making rounds with the sweet treats.

Shawnee Girl Scout Troop 314 has been selling cookies to the community for about three weeks. So far they have sold about 4,000 boxes.

According to Troop Leader and mother Lauren Holmes, members of the troop began selling their cookies individually and are now selling them together in booths at local businesses.

"This is our sixth season selling cookies. The Cookie Sale started the first of February and it'll go through almost to the end of March," Holmes said.

Troop 314 has 12 girls, Holmes said and they work really hard to sell as many cookies as they can as a portion of the funds from the cookie sales go to the troop and another portion goes to charity.

"Now we get .80 cents per box... It goes towards their uniforms...we pay for their registrations every year...any materials that we need for meetings," Holmes said. "If we go to camp. If we go to the zoo. All of that stuff is where (that money) goes."

Homes explained the charity portion of the funds go toward helping the community such as donating baby items for Legacy Parenting, building a new fence for the community garden, funding the construction of a bike for Bike for Kids and several other local organizations.

Holmes said while the girls may have individual prizes they can win, overall they work together together to sell as many boxes as possible to meet a common goal.

It was Holmes that started Troop 314 because she wanted her daughter, Gracie to experience what Girl Scouts are all about.

"I was in Scouts when I was young. My mom was my troop leader and...then we moved to Bethel and I wanted to put my daughter in Girl Scouts," Holmes said. "There wasn't a troop and so my options were start one or no Scouts at all."

Holmes said it was a difficult road to get the troop started and at first it was just made up of girls from Bethel, but it grew and now there are girls from all over Shawnee.

"There's a lot more now that you can do then when I was little...Now I can't imagine not doing it. It's the greatest thing ever," Holmes said.

Many of the girls in Troop 314 enjoy being Girl Scouts and all of the different skills they are learning.

For 12-year-old Raygan Taylor the best aspects of being in Troop 314 are the experiences she's had and the friends she has made.

"We learn how to work together. We learn social skills and how to interact with each other and just how to be friends and make friends," Taylor said.

Like her fellow Girl Scout, 12-year-old Kallie Ailey said she's enjoyed the trips the troop has taken over the years.

"(I love) when we get to go to places we've never been to (like) Disneyworld. We've also been to a lot of camps, day camps and we've been on a lot of trips," Ailey said.

According to Marketing and Communications Specialist Kelsey Turner, the Cookie Sale is an opportunity for troop members to work with their community, make an impact and have fun.

"To really see them excel I think it important and just remembering that it is a fundraiser and it is for fun," Turner said. "I think that's the best part to me of the Cookie Sale. It's seasonal so you really get to go strong on the impact you have since it's once a year."

Holmes said though the Cookie Sale is a lot of work for two months, the cookies pretty much sell themselves and funding from the sale are used for the whole year.

Holmes said Troop 314 will continue to sell cookie until around the end of March and their booth can be spotted at Walmart and other such places throughout Shawnee.