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Pott. County Commissioners honor Korean War veteran

Elisabeth Slay
County Commissioners Eddie Stackhouse, left and Randy Thomas, right, honor Korean War veteran Robert Winchell.

Pottawatomie County Commissioners honored 86-year-old Korean War veteran Robert Winchell and presented him with the plaque for the March Veteran of the Month during a regular meeting Monday, March 9.

According to Winchell, he enlisted in the Navy during the Korean War when he was 19-years-old and after graduating from flight training he was assigned to the VF-24 Squadron in Japan.

"I got my first combat mission three days after I turned 20," Winchell said. "Off the aircraft carrier I flew 21 (missions)."

After two months of flying off the aircraft carrier, Winchell said he was transferred to a different squadron and flew the Navy's biggest plans in Japan.

"I flew those right up until the end of the Korean War and I stayed with the squadron after I got back to the States," Winchell said.

District 2 Commissioner Randy Thomas thanked Winchell for his service.

"From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your service to us," Thomas said.