Pott. County Sheriff makes Second Amendment Declaration

Elisabeth Slay

Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth presented his Second Amendment Declaration to County Commissioners in their regular meeting Monday, March 9.

According to Booth, many sheriffs around the state have declared their counties a Second Amendment Sanctuary County and he has been contacted by numerous people in the county about his Second Amendment Declaration.

In the meeting, Booth explained to commissioners his reasoning for the Second Amendment Declaration and his hope for their support.

"I'm just presenting it to you for your endorsement of this or your own declaration and would encourage that because there is a lot of concern about red flag laws," Booth said. "I can tell you at this point the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association is supporting anti red flag legislation at the capitol right now."

Commissioners reviewed the declaration and supported it, but District Attorney Allan Grubb advised them to write their own declaration rather than solely endorse the sheriff's statement because the wording on the agenda suggested they were approving a Second Amendment Declaration of their own rather than Booth's.

"The way we did this in Lincoln County is the sheriff came out with his declaration and then the county commissioners came out with their declaration," Grubb said.

After reviewing the sheriff's declaration further and discussing it with Booth and Grubb, District 2 Commissioner Randy Thomas and District 3 Commissioner Eddie Stackhouse said they support the sheriff's declaration and Second Amendment rights, but will draft a declaration of their own and present it to review at the next meeting Monday, March 16.

Booth's Second Amendment Declaration is as follows:

"To all citizens of Pottawatomie County, State of Oklahoma,

As the Sheriff of Pottawatomie County, I pledge to all citizens that I have declared, by my Oath of Office, to defend and support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the state of Oklahoma.

Therefore, by law and my Oath of Office and the United States Supreme Court, I am not required to follow any unconstitutional law or executive order.

Therefore, I will not support any laws that would deprive or jeopardize our citizens 2nd Amendment rights or any other freedoms or protections that are provided under the Constitution of the United States of America or the Constitution of the state of Oklahoma.

Therefore, as the duly elected sheriff and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Pottawatomie County, in my elected position and directly accountable to the great citizens of Pottawatomie County, I vow that with all of legal authority as granted by the state of Oklahoma and the United States Supreme Court, I will oppose any attempts to jeopardize, infringe or in any way restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of all citizens of Pottawatomie County and protect those rights by any legal means necessary.

Therefore, as the Sheriff of Pottawatomie County, I Michael D. Booth hereby declare, Pottawatomie County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County on this the 28th Day of February, 2020."