COVID-19 coronavirus: REACT EMS has heightened respiratory precautions

Vicky O. Misa

Operations Manager Galen Hankal said a lot of the preparation for REACT EMS is its normal day-to-day operation.

“Our ambulances are normally stocked with full personnel protection equipment (PPE) kits for our crews,” Hankal said. “We are tracking the latest information and guidance for EMS personnel being put out by the CDC and the OSDH concerning Corona/COVID-19.”

Hankal said the dispatch center implemented expanded infectious disease questioning to their protocols.

This will help all responding units to be aware of a potentially infectious patient on the scene that way all can take the proper precautions and a transport plan can be put into place, Hankal said.

As far as treatments or protocol changes, the only change has been heightened importance of contact and respiratory precautions and travel or contact questioning when assessing a patient, Hankal explained.