Funds request: Pott. County Sheriff has new figure for needed patrol units

Elisabeth Slay

Pottawatomie County Sheriff' Mike Booth and Undersheriff Travis Palmer presented a new and less total figure of $406,182 for funding to purchase new vehicles for the sheriff's office to Pottawatomie County Commissioners in their regular meeting Monday.

According to Sheriff Mike Booth, the new figure is from Joe Cooper Dodge in Shawnee after the Sheriff's Office presented the state contract bid to the dealership and it included the cost of each vehicle and the cost of the emergency equipment applied to each vehicle except for a transport vehicle the office needs.

Booth said the figure is for the eight new pickups the Sheriff's office needs to replace its 2013 Ford pickups, as well as the new transport vehicle, a new vehicle for Palmer as well as a K-9 vehicle for Deputy Jared Strand and dog, Onyx.

In addition to the new Joe Cooper bid, Palmer said in the meeting he was presenting the bid from John Vance Auto Group also after the dealership saw the state contract bid.

Booth said John Vance's total bid was for $424,308 which also included the price of each vehicle and the emergency equipment needed for each vehicle except the transport vehicle.

The County Sheriff said his office is still requesting county commissioners to pay for the total cost of all 11 new vehicle and then his office would pay half of it back in monthly installments over the next four years.

After reviewing the bids, Commissioners decided to revisit the item in their next regular meeting Monday, March 23 after bids are further reviewed.

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