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Shawnee City Commission: Firm favored for MacArthur sidewalk project

Vicky O. Misa

This week Shawnee City Commissioners agreed to enter into a contract with the Cowen Group Engineering for professional services for a sidewalk between Harrison and Bryan.

Shawnee City Manager Chance Allison said the city received a grant from ODOT to construct a sidewalk east of Harrison along MacArthur.

According to the agenda, the improvements are to construct a five-foot wide concrete sidewalk on the south side of the road for three-quarters of a mile. Coordination of the design will include ODOT.

“ODOT will fund the majority of the project,” he said.”This project will cost $675,000 — with ODOT paying $425,000, Avedis will provide a $67,000 grant, and the remainder will be the responsibility if the city.”

The price tag for the engineering services by Cowan Group is nearly $110,000, split into five key areas:

• Planning, $23,400

• Supplemental survey, $6,000

• Final design, $68,850

• Bidding assistance, $3,100

• Construction administration, $8,450

Some discussion went on about the chosen width of the proposed sidewalk — five feet.

City Planner Rebecca Blaine said the width is different depending on where a proposed sidewalk is to go.

City ordinance is four feet wide for the area in question, Blaine said.

The four-foot version requires a five-foot ADA turn-around, she said.

“It does cost a little bit more money to do it five foot all the way, but that's kind of what we're going to with the standards,” Blaine said. “I guess that would be a judgment call to make with ODOT, with what they would fund, and what engineering would recommend.”