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Tecumseh teen perseveres, continues recovering well months after car accident

Elisabeth Slay
Brooklyn Michelle Nixon, a freshman at Tecumseh High School, returned to school last month and is playing volleyball again after a car accident that left her in critical condition.

Tecumseh High School freshman Brooklynn Michelle Nixon has continued to persevere both physically and mentally during her recovery months after the car accident that killed her friend and high school sophomore Ryder Kinsey and left her in critical condition with multiple external and internal injuries.

According to the 14-year-old, she doesn't remember anything from the day of the accident, but has almost fully recovered from injuries to her heart, skull, neck, collarbone, face, ribcage, lungs and hands.

"It's been going pretty good. I feel like I've got my voice back and I can use my hands a lot more now and I'm not unsteady when I walk," Nixon said.

She said her hands were significantly injured in the accident and doctors had to put pins and screws in them.

She explained she had to relearn how to use her hands and she continues to work on getting them fully back to normal through physical therapy.

"I can't open stuff and I just have to learn how to use my hands the way they were before and I can't even make fists," Nixon said.

The high schooler explained she returned to school last month and her friends, teachers and community welcomed her back with open arms.

"People were excited to see me but they didn't make it a big deal about me being back which I liked because I wasn't overwhelmed," Nixon said.

The 14-year-old explained she's thankful for her family and friends because they have been supportive and helpful throughout her recovery.

"I just feel like they've been there to support me and help me with things that I need help with," Nixon said.

According to Nixon's mother, Amanda Ellette, she's happy to see Nixon doing so well especially because during the first few months of her recovery no one was sure how life would change.

"It's a huge relief. When she first got home, we didn't think she'd ever get to play volleyball again and then she started her physical therapy and that all kind of changed," Ellette said. "Now she has that drive and she's wanting to play volleyball again."

Nixon said volleyball is one of her greatest passions and while she's taking it slow, she is playing the game again.

"Before the accident I was a starter and when I went back to practice I was on a lower level than everybody else," Brooklyn said. "So I'm ready to get back to that level that I was at."

Like her daughter, Ellette said she's grateful to her community for all their help and kindness.

"It's just me and Brooklyn...and so the reach out and support that we've gotten from everybody in the community and our friends and neighbors and just everybody around has.been giving us hope and if we needed anything they were there for us," Ellette said.

Nixon said while she's thankful for her friends, family and community, she's sad to have lost her friend and she hopes the Kinsey family is doing well.

"I hope they get through this and I hope they don't lose hope because he's in a better place," Nixon said. "I am praying for them and Ryder is forever engraved in my heart."

As time goes on, Nixon and Ellette said they are both looking forward to the future and will continue to persevere as they both recover.

"(Brooklyn) is excited about driving. She got a car...She wants to fly in a plane (and) we're going to have a big celebration for her 15th birthday (in May) at the Grand Casino," Ellette said. "Just to celebrate her life period because we didn't even know if she'd make it to this year."