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Emmanuel Episcopal's 111-year old Nativity window removed for restoration

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star

Complete removal of the 111-year-old Nativity Window depicting the birth of Jesus in stained glass on Emmanuel Episcopal Church’s west wall at 501 N. Broadway, Shawnee, was completed last week as the first step in a re-leading and restoration project, the Rev. Tom Dahlman, rector, announced.

The entire window has been replaced with plain glass while reconstruction is underway, with restoration being an intricate process. When finished, it should last another century.

Installation of the Nativity Window, as well as eight smaller stained glass windows, four on each side of north and south exterior walls, started in 1909 and when completed, was expected to last for 100 years.

While the Nativity Window and other stained glass windows started going into the church in 1909, Emmanuel Episcopal Church was founded in Shawnee in 1896. The church’s 125th anniversary will be celebrated in 2021.