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Lincoln County Emergency Management rolls out information hotline for COVID-19.

Staff Writer
The Shawnee News-Star

“Information sharing can be one of the hardest parts of any disaster situation” Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Wendi Marcy says. “It’s hard to get the message into all of the hands that need it because our audiences are so diverse,” she adds. Recognizing that much of the local information that is being disseminated about the current Covid-19 Pandemic is being done over social media, she realizes that there is probably a large population that is not getting county specific information.

Marcy notes “social media is quick, and easy and we can do it on the go, or when we get home at night, but we sometimes take for granted that not everyone has a social media presence.”

As Lincoln County received news from the State Health Department on Thursday morning of their first positive case of Covid-19, Marcy recognized the need to push information out to a much wider audience. After some brainstorming and strategic planning, Lincoln County Emergency Management went live with an information hotline that is geared towards Lincoln County residents only by 4 p.m.

“I would love for everyone to save the hotline number in their phones, this will always be our local information hotline number,” she adds. The topic may simply change depending on the situation in the future.

The hotline number, 405-240-9491, can be accessed any time, day or night and will be updated at 3:00PM daily during the Covid-19 crisis.

Lincoln County Emergency Management continues to work closely with the Lincoln County Health Department, the Lincoln County first responder community, elected officials and city leaders, the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management to monitor the developing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation in Oklahoma.