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Shawnee Regional Airport terminal closes to public

Vicky O. Misa

In response to Gov. Kevin Stitt's most recent edicts regarding COVID-19 precautions, Shawnee City Manager Chance Allison has named some new stipulations for the airport.

“In support of the Governor’s Sixth Executive Order restricting travel by air to Oklahoma from areas identified as having substantial community spread, the Shawnee Regional Airport is restricting operations,” he said.

Commencing immediately, Allison has ordered the passenger terminal closed to the public.

The site will, however, continue business.

“The Shawnee Regional Airport provides a vital service to our great community, he said. “It supports emergency operations, allows for rapid delivery of essential supplies, personnel and equipment required to help us manage the challenges of COVID–19.”

The airport will continue to provide fuel through its self-service system, Allison said, and will have staff available to support public safety, military and other emergency responders as needed.

Watch for updates.