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Shawnee City Commission to meet via video conference Monday

Vicky O. Misa

Monday's Shawnee City Commissioners will be done a bit differently; to honor shelter-at-home guidelines, the board is slated to meet via video conference, as will residents who wish to participate verbally — through Zoom. Others can still watch the meeting on Vyve Channel 3 or through the city website, at

There are only a few items up for consideration Monday.

The board is scheduled to acknowledge and ratify Mayor Richard Finley's amended state-of-emergency proclamation and second amended proclamation — which was a shelter-in-place guideline put into place late Monday evening.

In other business, a resolution to consider continuing the “Nine-One-One Emergency Number Ordinance” is up for renewal for April 6 to April 5, 2023.

Also, commissioners will take a look at a budget amendment for the Gifts and Contributions Fund 706 — accounting for various donations that have been made since July 1, 2019, like donations through Cops N Kids, the Santa Fe Depot, Horses in the City, and others.

On the Municipal Authority agenda, a budget amendment will be considered for Shawnee Municipal Authority Fund 501 — a reflection of changes that have occurred since July 1, 2019.

On the Airport Authority agenda, a bid may be awarded for the purchase of 2.48 acres at 2110 W. Independence.

According to the agenda item, the recommendation is to award a bid, for $229,000, to Mr. Muhammad Arif. The closing of the transaction will be at the earliest practical date, the memo reads.

“The War Assets Administration deeded property, including Lot No. 23 (the 2.48 acres at 2110 W. Independence) to the City of Shawnee on November 20, 1947,” Airport Manager Bonnie Wilson said.

Since that time, the City of Shawnee, through the Shawnee Airport Authority, has maintained the property and overseen airport operations and development, she said.

The property lies to the southwest of the Shawnee Regional Airport, physically separated from the airfield by U.S. Highway 270/Oklahoma State Highway 177, which prevents any aeronautical use or development benefiting the Shawnee Regional Airport, she said.

Funds generated from the sale of the property will be used to address administrative, engineering and a portion of the overall construction costs, Wilson said.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place Monday. To watch the meeting, it will be broadcasted live on Vyve Channel 3 or via the City of Shawnee’s website at

Public Notice regarding City Commission proceedings via video conference:

During the pendency of the Declared Emergency, members of the public who wish to speak to the City Commission on an agenda or non-agenda item, must register with the City Clerk’s office at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting by calling (405) 878-1604 or sending an email to with their name, address, telephone number and indicate the topic or agenda item upon which they wish to speak.

To participate in the meeting, residents will need access to Zoom, at

A link to the meeting will be provided via email to the participant prior to the meeting and the person must be signed into the meeting at the time of citizens' participation or when the public hearing item they wish to speak on is called by Mayor Richard Finley.

To watch the meeting, it will be broadcasted live on Vyve Channel 3 or via the City of Shawnee’s website at

Information gathered from Monday's Shawnee City Commission agenda.