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Shawnee couple celebrate 87th, 90th birthdays

Elisabeth Slay
Daisy and John Miller enjoyed John's eighty seventh birthday April 5 and are happy Daisy reached her ninetieth birthday. .

Shawnee couple, parents and grandparents Daisy and John Miller were born six days apart and have celebrated John's eighty seventh birthday on April 5 and are looking forward to enjoying Daisy's ninetieth birthday on April 12.

According to Daisy's daughter Sandra Leber, Daisy and John met in 1973 after they both worked at a race track in San Antonio Texas.

"Mother was the head cashier and took care of the books there and John was in charge of the pits and the scoring of the cars," Sandra said.

Daisy, John, Sandra and other family members lived in Texas, Sandra said up until 2018 when everyone moved to Shawnee to be closer to Sandra's son.

"He moved from Texas up here to take care of his son and he just stayed and he wanted us to move up here so we did," Sandra said.

John said he was born in Weatherford, Texas and raised in San Antonio and he was in the Navy in the Korean War.

Daisy said she also grew up in San Antonino and she worked for a few different car dealerships before working at the race track.

The great-grandmother said both she and John were married before meeting each other and John was married for 21 years while she was married about 14 years. However, John and Daisy have been married for 45 years the mother of two said.

Sandra explained John has one son named John W. Miller and Daisy has two children including Sandra and her sister.

According to Sandra, the family is looking forward to Daisy's ninetieth birthday because she had a tough year last year.

"This is really kind of a milestone for her...About a year ago...I took her to the Shawnee emergency room and they ran some tests on her and came back in looked like she had colon cancer," Sandra said. "She said 'all I wanted to do was make 90."'

Now it's two days before Daisy's birthday and Sandra said her mother is completely cancer free and even though it scared everyone Daisy is going to make her 90.

"Now you ask her what she wants in life and she says 'I just want to make 100,"' Sandra said.

Between the two of them Sandra said Daisy has three grandchildren, one great-granddaughter and two great-great-granddaughters while John has two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.