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99¢ for the first month.

Shawnee business Okie Dokie adapts to COVID-19 pandemic

Elisabeth Slay
Okie Dokie Mercantile & Co. owner Christina Hernandez at her shop located at 1102 N Kickapoo Ave.

Similar to other local business owners, Okie Dokie Mercantile & Co. owner Christina Hernandez has adapted her business model to online purchasing, curbside pick up and delivery.

According to Hernandez, she has utilized Facebook to offer various gift items to the community and people can pick up their items through curbside or delivery.

"We have been working online sales where we do curbside pickup or meeting at a neutral location that is safe location for them and for us," Hernandez said.

The business owner said the community as responded well to her new business model and she's happy for the support.

"We've had a good turnout. Our sales for a little while were improving and (now) we're kind of about average sales," Hernandez said. "I'm very happy to know that (the community) is supporting a local business and I'm just very grateful for them."

Hernandez explained the last few months have been challenging as she's juggling Okie Dokie as well as her telephone business and she misses the daily interaction with customers.

"I miss my customers. I enjoy seeing my customers and hearing about what's going in their lives and that's been difficult," Hernandez said.

As time goes on, Hernandez said she hopes her business will continue to grow and she'll have support from the community during these challenging and uncertain times.

For more information about purchasing items, curbside pick up and delivery options Hernandez said to call (405) 777-8172 or visit the Okie Dokie Mercantile & Co. Facebook page.