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Shawnee, Pott. County sales tax collections down for April

Vicky O. Misa

Shawnee city sales tax collections are down for April, compared to the same month a year ago.

According to sales tax reports, the April sales tax check received this month is lower than last year by nearly $45,000.

In 2019, data shows $1,818,223.63, including interest of $1,951.95, was collected.

Ashley Neel, finance director and city treasurer, reports this April's sales tax deposit was $1,773,379.70, including interest of $1,766.86, to be allocated as follows:

• General Fund — $1,013,359.82

• 2018 Capital Improvements Fund — $253,339.96

• Capital Improvements Fund — $196,338.48

• Street Improvements Fund — $221,672.46

• Economic Development Fund — $25,334

• Police Sales Tax Fund — $31,667.49

• Fire Sales Tax Fund — $31,667.49

Sales and use tax collections totaled $1,945,958.47 for April 2020. In 2019, figures reported tallied at $1,975,419 — nearly $30,000 more than current collections.

“It should be noted the budget for the last three months of FY 2019-2020 has been adjusted in response to COVID-19,” Neel said.

For the year, sales tax collections are up $671,142, or 3.72 percent over the projected budget year-to-date, she said.

“Use tax collections are up approximately $432,077, or 27.74 percent, over the projected budget year-to-date,” she said.


Pottawatomie County's sales tax collections for April showed a decrease in revenue over April 2019. Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported this month's collections totaled $647,754.99, down from the same month a year ago when $654,065.44 was received –– a decrease of $6,310.45.