Pott. County officers replace stolen bike

Elisabeth Slay
Deputies from the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office replaced eight-year-old Issac Vann's bike after it was stolen.

After his bike was stolen Sunday, April 26, eight-year-old Issac Vann was happy to receive a new bike from deputies at the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office who delivered the bike to Issac on Monday, April 27.

According to Issac's mother Heather, when she discovered her son's bike had been stolen she posted about the act on the Shawnee Crime Watch Facebook page.

"I had lots of very generous people offer to buy (Issac) a bike and I told them no that we we're working on replacing it," Heather said. "Then the Sheriff's (Office) reached out to me...and said that they would really like to buy Issac a new bike."

At first, Heather said she told the Sheriff's Office no but they insisted they wanted to help Issac and it was then the mother of two said yes.

"The next day they showed up at our house with a brand new bike and gave it to my son and it just made his whole day," Heather said.

Heather explained since receiving the bike Issac has played and ridden it all day everyday.

"He won't stay off of it and he wants to be a cop so that he can make people happy like the cops made him happy," Heather said.

The Shawnee resident said she's grateful to the officers and this act of kindness offers her hope that members of the Sheriff's Office are there for the community and are always willing to help.