Tecumseh schools prepare for end of year, summer

Elisabeth Slay

As the school year comes to a close, Tecumseh Public Schools is preparing for its virtual graduation ceremony, summer construction projects and the possibility of summer school.

According to Assistant Superintendent Robert Kinsey, in a regular meeting Monday the Tecumseh Board of Education discussed the district's plan for the end of the year and the summer.

In the meeting, Kinsey said the board discussed how seniors would celebrate their graduation and he explained the district will release a video featuring the graduates on the district’s website on Tuesday, May 19.

"We wish that we could meet in person. We wish we could see them walk across that stage and hand them their diploma, but I believe some teachers, students and faculty worked hard on this (video) and I think it's going to be good," Kinsey said.

Kinsey said in regards to summer, one of the biggest projects the district hopes to complete is the construction of an agricultural building.

"That is moving forward. It had been slowed down just a little bit due to the spring and the chaos in the world," Kinsey said. "We are planning to kick that off hopefully here in the next four to eight weeks...Our plan is hopefully by August it will be completed and we'll be ready to move in."

In addition to the agricultural building, Kinsey said the district will also complete projects such as resurfacing the tennis courts, painting buildings, roof repair and other needed maintenance.

The administrator also said in the meeting, board members discussed the possibility of summer school, but have not yet finalized a plan.

"We're still a little bit unsettled and a little bit up the air about what we're going to do," Kinsey said. "Our plan right now is built on hope, but hopefully we will be able to...bring students into our schools sometime this summer."

Kinsey said whether it be June or July, the district hopes to carve out some time for students to attend summer school for the extra help they may need, but in a way that keeps everyone safe.