Pott. County sales tax collections soar in July

By Vicky O. Misa | Vicky.misa@news-star.com | (405) 214-3962 | Twitter: @Vicky_NewsStar
The Shawnee News-Star

By the look of July's county sales tax collections, the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown could be at an end.

Pottawatomie County's sales tax collections for July showed a sizable increase in revenue over July 2019.

Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported this month's collections totaled $770,519.41, up from the same month a year ago when $662,206.91 was received –– an increase of $108,312.50.

Typically, July numbers come in at about $639,500, according to an average from the previous 10 years.


Pottawatomie County received its first positive case of COVID-19 the last week of March, which spurred the start of added restrictions ordered by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Area residents spent significant time avoiding public spaces as a direct result of a shelter-at-home directive from leaders starting mid-March, during April and into May.

As a result, revenue has been down since all non-essential businesses were closed until mid-May.

Though many local shops have opened back up to some degree, the level of service or staffing is still limited for a number of them.

April's data — though it did show a slight decrease — was not substantial. Sales tax collections in April were down only $6,310.45 from a year ago.

May's decrease was a much bigger hit — nearly $97,000 below 2019's May figures.

Collections in revenue for June were down as expected, as collections showed a decrease of $18,572.40 from the same month a year ago.