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Shawnee City Commission: Water, sewer, trash rate increases set for Oct. 1

By Vicky O. Misa | | (405) 214-3962 | Twitter: @Vicky_NewsStar
The Shawnee News-Star

This week Shawnee City Commissioners voted to update the City Fee Schedule setting new rates for water and solid waste services.

Rate increases were last approved in April, but were deferred because of the pandemic crisis.

Shawnee Finance Director Ashley Neel said according to a resolution passed in December 2018, every year the city looks at the change in CPI for all consumers of water, sewer and trash collection services.

“We are adjusting our water and sewer rates based on that percentage,” she said. “The percentage change from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of 2019 was 2.21 percent.”

Determined by meter, that equates to an 81-cent change per month on a minimum bill, she said.

“This will be effective Oct. 1,” she said. “Technically the resolution was allowed to go into effect March 1, but we delayed it (due to the COVID-19 crisis).”

She said there will be budgetary impact if the resolution is delayed further than Oct. 1.

“If that's something the commission would like to look at, we can,” she said.

Trash collection rates will be going up a bit, as well.

Neel said the city signed a contract with Central Disposal, which was approved in June.

“There was also an MOU approved that allowed a delay in the rate increase for Oct. 1,” she said.

Right now, Neel said a large polycart costs the consumer $17.89; it would now be increased to $20.84.

“With a small polycart, it was $14.39,” she said. “It will become $16.34.”

Putting the water and waste increases together, Neel said at the minimum rate, someone inside the city paying for water and a large polycart would be paying $64.41, which is an increase of $3.76 per month.