Tecumseh City Council candidate takes part in Q&A

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Candidate Donald Bradley participated in a PAVE forum recently. He is seeking Tecumseh City Council's Ward 3 seat.

Recently PAVE (Pottawatomie Advocates for Voter Education) hosted a candidate forum for several local and state level races on the Nov. 3 ballot.

One of the local races is for Tecumseh City Council, Ward 3. On Nov. 3, voters will decide between Donald Bradley or Ryan Wiginton for the position.

Though he was expected, Wiginton was not at the event, so questions were directed to Bradley only.

Bradley was asked about things like what his top priorities would be, how he would promote new business and what he thinks makes him best suited to the role.


Moderator Ronnye Sharp asked Bradley what his top three priorities would be if he was elected to the job.

“I would like to see some energy inducted into the working community here, in Tecumseh,” he said.

City Hall looks like California, he said, with big glass walls up and an atmosphere of unapproachability.

“Is that what this town is about?” he asked. “That's not what I moved here for. Things have got to be changed.”

He said people need to wake up.

“We don't need to have some big companies come in here and put an airport around the corner or something like that,” he said. “But we do need to find ways to get some money in here.”

He said the city needs to get people started doing jobs — there's some people doing jobs that are wearing two or three hats.

“How is a guy supposed to be effective when he's got three different departments he's trying to run?” he asked. “You know you can be good at one thing, you might be blessed and be good at two things, but three things?”

He said the city needs to find a way to help.


Sharp then asked Bradley how he would go about promoting or bringing in new businesses.

“That's something that needs to be addressed,” he said. “And that would be a No. 1 priority in my opinion.”

He said there are a lot of empty commercial buildings in the Tecumseh.

“On the other hand, I live right up the street from the Farmer's Daughter, those people are doing business every day, now why is it that they can do business and the guy down the street folds up and is gone? Why is that?” he asked. “We need to hire people that know how to get those people in here. This is the 21st Century, if Tecumseh continues on its path right now, I predict that by the time we hand this off to our children or our grandchildren, there will be nothing left. It will all be rotted and gone away.”

He said Tecumseh doesn't need the Air Force and stuff like that, but it does need to find ways to bring business to town.

“I think we need to hire people that know how to do that; I really do,” he said.


Sharp asked Bradley what he believes makes him better suited for the position than his opponent.

“I've been in business pretty much my adult life; I've been a manager, managing companies, trucking companies, my last 10 or 15 years I was an RV salesman, selling high-end RVs and stuff like that, so I know how business works,” he said. “I know how to ask for money— one of the second hardest things in learning how to sell something is asking for money, first is the word no.”

He said as he understands the position, one won't always make people happy, so a thick skin is necessary — which he said he has.


The city broadcasted the forum live on the city website and on its cable channel, and recorded it as well.

Since there wasn’t a live audience allowed, questions were submitted in advance.

PAVE is a non-partisan voter education group that welcomes new members.

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