Hardesty's makes move to Benedict Street

By Vicky O. Misa | Vicky.misa@news-star.com | (405) 214-3962 | Twitter: @Vicky_NewsStar
The Shawnee News-Star
The former Benedict Street Marketplace is to become the new site for Hardesty's Meat Market in February.

Longtime local business Hardesty's Grocery and Market made an announcement on Facebook Wednesday, stating it will be moving its operation to another site in February.

“We will be relocating to the former Benedict Street Market building (at 613 N. Pottenger),” the post reads. The store intends to close at its current location at the end of business Saturday, Jan. 23, and reopen at the new site as Hardesty Meat Market Tuesday, Feb. 2.

The post added the store will be updating its equipment and plans to have more meat cases.

“Our inventory and menus will not change,” the post reads. “If anything, we hope to be able to add to our selections in the future.”

It’s been a good run on the corner of Hardesty and Gordon Cooper Drive, the post states.

“We will take all our memories and history with us,” the post reads. “It’s always been about the people, not the building or location. That will never change.”

Hardesty's has operated at the corner of Hardesty and Gordon Cooper Drive since 1934.

Watch for updates.