Longtime photographer offers last chance for school pictures before closing site

Tina Bridenstine
The Shawnee News-Star
Shawnee Mayor Ed Bolt.

Shawnee photographer and Mayor Ed Bolt announced on his Facebook page recently that he would be turning off his photography website beginning Feb. 23.

Bolt has taken school pictures, as well as many other types of photos, for several years. He said he will still be taking photos, mostly for businesses and real estate, but that he realized his website was no longer needed.

“I don't want people who have been meaning to get school pictures to miss out,” he said.

In his Facebook post, he said there are school photos going back as far as 2009, and this will be the last chance to get photos from the site.

Bolt is also offering a 25 percent discount with the code “final2021” at checkout.

Anyone wanting to get pictures before the site closes can go to edbolt.zenfolio.com