Oklahoma National Guard partnering with OHP to assist motorists in winter weather

Oklahoma National Guard
Oklahoma Highway Patrol

OKLAHOMA CITY – At the request of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the Oklahoma National Guard have activated nearly 90 National Guard members and pre-positionedg them at locations across Oklahoma in advance of the severe winter storm that began arriving on Sunday.

     The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety requested the Oklahoma National Guard provide Stranded Motorist Assistance Recovery Teams (SMART) from Feb. 13-18 to assist the Highway Patrol in recovering motorists who may become stranded in the potential storm.

     At the direction of the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management and with approval from Governor Kevin Stitt, the National Guard will be providing eight teams to assist the Highway Patrol.

     These teams include personnel and equipment that can traverse hazardous road conditions, provide recovery of stranded motorists and transport those motorists to safety and shelter.

     The teams’ priority is the recovery of people and movement to safety. They will not be recovering vehicles in most instances.

     The Oklahoma National Guard continues to serve the state of Oklahoma in the fight against COVID-19, as well as stand prepared to assist in emergencies as needed.