Shawnee EM offers situation report Thursday

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star
Winter view: The area of Shawnee Twin Lakes looks more like a winter wonderland scene in this drone photo captured earlier this week. Winter storms and low temps have changed the scenery quite a bit this past week, but a slow warmup is on the way. According to Accuweather, Shawnee expects a morning low of 3 degrees Friday, with a high temperature of 31.

The following situation report was released Thursday afternoon by Rachelle Erickson, Shawnee Emergency Management Director.

ONG: Nothing to report.

OG&E: Southwest Power Pool is no longer under an energy emergency alert. Due to continuing high loads and other implications of severe cold weather, it remains in a period of conservative operations until 10pm, Feb 20, for the entire SPP balancing authority area.

Streets: Plow trucks have been working their route accordingly. Each truck has to stop at the City Garage for maintenance and to change out the blade on the plow daily.

Utilities: Crews have been working non-stop to fix every main break that comes up. Yesterday there was a large water main break in the 1600 block of North Park that significantly affected the water supply. Close communication with the Hospital Facilities Director, Shawnee EM, City Manager, and the Public Works Director to ensure there were no urgent requests and that everyone had what they needed for their area of responsibility. We are still trying to replenish the water supply in the towers that will help water pressure throughout Shawnee.

Shawnee Police: No fatalities due to the winter storms. Working normal to small sized MVA’s and citizen assists with no major injuries to report.

Shawnee Fire: No significant calls in relation to the winter storms. Since Feb 14, SFD responded to two gas odor investigations at personal residences.

Salvation Army: Their capacity is 40. They have averaged between 25-30 in shelter each night. Their current plan is to remain open through the weekend. Following their inclement weather procedures, they will remain open when temperatures remain below 32 during the day. Nobody has reached out with any requests.

Emergency Warming Station: The Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center will open in the event of significant power outages.

On February 16 the Mayor signed a Proclamation for State of Emergency for the City of Shawnee. On February 18, President Biden approved the emergency declaration which authorizes FEMA to coordinate all disaster relief efforts and provide assistance for required emergency measures in all 77 Oklahoma counties.