Shawnee's boil advisory over

Vicky O. Misa
The Shawnee News-Star

Shawnee's water department has successfully restored normalcy to its water treatment process after several days of more than double water flow caused a shortage of chemicals, which ultimately resulted in a temporary boil order.

The boil order is now officially over.

“During the winter months the average water demand for our water plant is typically about three million gallons per day,” Utilities Director Brad Schmidt said. 

But, during the storms the demand exceeded seven million gallons per day as residents kept water continuously running through faucets in an effort to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Throughout that several days of bitter cold, the plant used more than a month's supply of certain chemicals used in the treatment process.

Because of the high demand, suppliers were experiencing challenges replenishing the necessary chemicals.

Though the city was critically low on the required chemicals for treatment, the water treatment plant staff and chemical suppliers found, and were able to purchase, supplies to get things back on track.

The City of Shawnee issued a mandatory boil order Saturday, urging residents to take precautions as the water supply faced many challenges due to many days of water main breaks, more than double the normal water usage and frigid winter weather.

"We have received multiple water sample results confirming clean water throughout our water distribution system from various points in our community," a Facebook post from the city's page early Wednesday evening reads.

"We would like to share a special thanks to everyone doing their part to help with recovery efforts from the winter storm events last week," the city post states.

An Oklahoma DEQ fact sheet offers guidance to properly prepare residents' homes or businesses as residents transition back to safe water conditions.

A DEQ tip sheet offers guidance after a boil advisory ends.

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